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(074102-006-1) Breezy Basix 2 20'

Breezy Basix 2 20'
Breezy Basix 2 20'
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The Breezy BasiX ultra lightweight frame 20' was designed for personalised comfort and function. Customizable seat heights allow the seat to be lowered for foot propulsion, if necessary. Armrests conveniently flip back, enabling you to transfer in and out of the wheelchair with ease. Quick-release wheels may be removed from the frame for storage or transport, and wheel locks are easily accessed at the front of the frame to prevent the wheelchair from rolling forward or backward.

W: 0 H: 900 D: 570  (mm)
Sunrise Medical
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"Detailed functional assessments should be undertaken to determine need for, and the entitled person’s ability to operate manual wheelchair. Assessment of body dimensions and weight, functional skills, and home layout and access are essential in determining the safest and most appropriate wheelchair to be provided. "
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