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(PKG - 1585247) Invacare Pegasus 4 wheel midsize scooter red

Invacare Pegasus 4 wheel midsize scooter red
Invacare Pegasus 4 wheel midsize scooter red
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  • Local Medical Officer (or other GP)
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Electric Scooter (Pegasus-10K-Red-4WHEEL). Mid range scooter with multiple safety features to ensure safety and riding ease, combined with ergonomics and style. SUPPLIED WITH LITHIUM-ION BACKUP BATTERY Invacare Scooter Flag https://mobilityservices.com.au/product/productdetail.aspx?p=AP00490&c=AP14

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PKG - 1585247

Additional Information
DVA Recommends:
"Yes, limit of 1 per person"
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Product Category Comments:
"Eligibility: DVA only provides this item to veterans who have a medically assessed need due to a war-caused injury or disease (refer to Treatment Principles 11.3). Detailed physical, visual, cognitive and visual-spatial assessments should be undertaken to demonstrate the entitled person’s functional ability to safely operate an electrically operated scooter. The assessed need for the electric mobility aid should be primarily based on functional requirements (not leisure/recreational needs). Reasonable access to viable alternatives for transport should be investigated as simpler options in the first instance e.g. public transport, community transport options, taxis etc. A trial of the recommended scooter within the community is to be undertaken by the Health Provider to determine suitability and safe use. Final Departmental approval is dependant on the trial outcome. A periodic re-assessment of the entitled person’s capacity to operate the scooter is required. The re-assessment
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