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(DC1201) 12.1" Digital Calendar Day Clock

12.1" Digital Calendar Day Clock
12.1" Digital Calendar Day Clock
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12.1" Digital Calendar Day Clock Orientation Dementia Clock for Alzheimer's and Memory Impairment. Day Clock, Day Clox New Model - Has up to 12 alarms per day Reduce the workload of carers The Dementia Day Clock is aimed at helping people living with Dementia by simply and clearly displaying the time of day as morning, afternoon, evening or night. People living with Alzheimer's or Dementia can lose the ability to recognise what the time is and even whether it is day or night. This can cause many challenges for them and for their primary carers. By using this digital calendar orientation day clock it can reduce the challenges. Help people with dementia live in a daily routine The aim of the day clock is to help people with dementia to be able to link the time of day to their daily routine. The Day Clocks' clear and simple display of Time, Time of Day and Date, has proven to be helpful for people with dementia or Alzheimer's Application Scenario The Day Clock can be used in

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